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  • For more information about the many opportunities that Career & Technical Education offers Orange County students please contact

    Shannon Braxton | Director, Career & Technical Education | 919-245-4003


    Melinda Fornes | Curriculum & Instructional Management Coordinator | 919-245-4003


    Nick Montgomery | Career Development Coordinator, OHS | 919-732-6133 | OHS Career Center website


    Stephanie Smith | Career Development Coordinator, CRHS | 919-245-4000 | CRHS Career Center website


    Kristin Rosario | School Counselor, Partnership Academy | 919-245-4030


    Angela Williams | Coordinator, Orange Engineering and Design Academy (OEDA) | 919-732-6133

  • The Orange County School System offers a wide range of Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs including Agriculture; Business, Finance, & Marketing; Career Development; Computer Science & Information Technology; Family Consumer Sciences; Health Sciences; and Trade, Technology, Engineering, & Industrial Education. All middle schools offer exploratory CTE courses. Orange County CTE programs do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its activities and programs, including employment policies and practices.