How to Restore the Default Settings on your Chromebook

  • To completely reset (Powerwash) your chromebook start by hitting “escape,” “refresh,” and “power” all at the same time.


    You should get a screen with a yellow exclamation mark. 

    chrome os is missing or damaged message

    At this point, hit “ctrl” and “d” at the same time on your computer to get to this screen. 

    turn off os message

    Hit “enter” as instructed, and continue to follow the directions on the screen, hitting spacebar when this screen appears. 

    press space to enable message

    When this screen appears, hit “Let’s Go”  and then connect the chromebook to your wifi at home.

    When you are asked for your email, use the “More Options” button to select “Enterprise Enrollment” and put in your school email.

    sign into your chromebook message

    This will enroll your chromebook, and your device should function normally. 

    Click on “Add person in the lower left hand corner to add yourself back to your chromebook. 

    add person message

    If this does not resolve your issue, please call the tech support line:  

    (919) 245-4014

    If the phone is busy, please email  Make sure to provide your name, phone number and a brief description of the issue.  We will contact as soon as possible.