Digital Learning Support for Students and Parents

  • First point of contact for digital learning support including passwords for the below list of programs will be the student’s teacher via email.

    • NCEdCloud
    • Discovery Education
    • Canvas
    • Clever
    • Learning A-Z
    • Dreambox
    • Study Island
    • Khan Academy
    • Prodigy
    • Splash Math
    • SymbalooEDU
    • BrainPop
    • CK-12
    • SchoolNet
    • Edgenuity
    • Other Teacher/School specific resources

    If the teacher is not able to resolve the issue, then the teacher will email the school DLC (CES and ECGES will email Ryan Miller  If the DLC is not able to resolve, the DLC will contact Ryan Miller.

    Reasoning - Teachers can reset student NCEdCloud Passwords which is SSO for Canvas, PowerSchool, Discovery Education, Clever (DreamBox, Study Island, Khan Academy, Prodigy, Splash math, SymbalooEDU, BrainPop and CK-12) and SchoolNet.  Other softwares like Learning A-Z (Raz-Kids), the student accounts are teacher created. Teachers will be able to solve the majority of access issues related to accounts.