Free Internet Access for Orange County Students & Staff

  • Orange County Schools will offer free Internet to students and staff through the use of wireless Hot Spots.

    What is a hot spot?  A hot spot is a portable device that allows you to connect to the Internet.

    How do they work?  Hot spots use the same signals our cell phones use to connect you to the Internet.

    Do they work everywhere?  Hot spots work anywhere cell service is available. 

    Who provides them?  Orange County Schools is providing these Verizon hot spots to students and staff who do not have Internet service.  There is NO charge for this.

    How can I get one for my student?  Contact your student’s school and let them know your student does not have a reliable Internet connection. The school will assist in getting the IT Help Desk to contact you to schedule a pickup time.

    Why Verizon?  Verizon has the best overall coverage in the geographic area that comprises the Orange County School District.

    School’s almost out. Why do I need one?  The District is providing hot spots and devices throughout the summer so that students can continue their studies.

    How can I get help?  Persons needing help with their District provided hot spot should call the Orange County IT Help Desk for assistance. Their number is (919) 245-4014 and they are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

    Will using a hotspot affect my cell phone bill?  No. The hotspot is a separate device and works independently of your cell phone.

    If I have multiple students, can they share a hotspot?  Yes. Multiple devices can connect to a single hot spot.  However, connecting multiple devices may slow performance of the hot spot.