English as a Second Language (ESL)

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    Our Vision

    The Orange County School's English as a Second Language (ESL) program supports the overall Vision & Mission upheld by the Orange County School District of equal educational access for Multilingual Learners and their families. These beliefs, upheld by our parents, students, families, educators and community members demonstrate the importance behind our Multilingual Learners developing the necessary academic and linguistic skills to become productive members of our society.

    What is ESL?

    The English as a second language (ESL) program provides academic and social English language instruction in speaking, listening, reading and writing to Multilingal Learners (MLs) in grades K-12. ESL instruction integrates the topics, and vocabulary from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study in social studies and science, mathematics and language arts with the language functions of the North Carolina English Language Proficiency Standard Course of Study  in order for students to achieve social and academic proficiency in the English language. The program supports all teachers' efforts to differentiate instruction in order to best meet the needs of these students.

    Identification of Multilingual Learners

    During enrollment, parents complete a Home Language Survey that will assist schools in identifying potential Multilingual Learners (MLs) who may be eligible for English as a Second Language services. If the student is identified as an ML the school will notify parents in writing within 30 days of enrollment.  Information will be sent home regarding the child’s English language proficiency results and the ESL program. Parents have the right to opt out of program services; however, students must participate in English language proficiency testing each spring until they receive a high enough score on the assessment to exit the ESL program. To exit the ESL program, students must reach or exceed a 4.8 Composite score on the ACCESS for ELLs assessment administered in the spring of each school year.