Volunteer at Orange County Schools

  • The Orange County Schools’ Volunteer Registration Process will be handled via a kiosk computer at each school location.  Individuals who want to volunteer in the Orange County School System must complete an on-line criminal background check form which will be automatically submitted to USInfoGroup for processing.

    For more information on becoming a volunteer in the Orange County Schools, contact your child's school or call our volunteer coordinator, at (919) 732-8126. We look forward to your involvement in our schools.

    Orange County Schools encourages parents/guardians and community members who wish to share some of their valuable time to help students to become a volunteer. Involvement can include: working in the classroom with students; helping with Parent/Teacher organization sponsored activities; serving as media assistants; resource speakers or serving as the extra pair of hands that helps extend the staff's time by copying, making materials or working with students on a variety of classroom projects.