• The video below is to show you how to join a Zoom meeting for a class. To view subtitles for this video, click the CC button in the tool bar and select a language. There are step by step instructions below the video for logging into Zoom.


    Student Accessing Zoom

    Teachers will work with students through Zoom for live whole class and small group video instruction. Students will need to go to Zoom.us and "Sign In with Google" to access zoom links from their teachers. Once signed into Zoom then click on teacher zoom link.

    Zoom.us/Google --direct to sign-in page then click on your teacher's zoom link wherever they have provided it to you--Canvas, email, website, Google Doc.

    or use directions below

    1. Go to Zoom.us 
    2. Click Sign In
    3. Then students need to scroll down and click Sign in With Google  
    4. Then select their Orange County Schools google account 
    5. Once signed in, students should then access zoom links from their teachers (Note: Some students may have to do this every day)
    6. If students are still having issues
      • In the top right corner of Zoom.us click on their profile picture
      • Profile
    7. Click sign out
    8. Then repeat the steps above 1-4

    Parents' Ultimate Guide to Zoom

    Zoom is a video conferencing tool that will be used by teaches to reach students remotely. See the links below to learn more about Zoom features and how to support your student's virtual leaning.

    Additional Zoom Resources

    Click Here to learn more about Zoom and its features.

    Click Here to help your students get ready for Zoom video conferencing.

    Click Here for Zoom guides