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  • School Board delays in-person return to school

    On January 11th, the Board of Education voted to delay the return of students in grades 2–12 to in-person instruction until at least the end of the third grading quarter, which ends on March 26 (March 25 for year-round students at Hillsborough Elementary). Also, the Board decided to delay the return of grades Kindergarten and first grade students to in-person instruction until three additional safety measures can be implemented. Click HERE to read more…

    **As we continue to learn more about how to operate in this pandemic, guidelines, expectations, etc. will continue to evolve, be revised, and change. OCS documents will be revised accordingly. Thank you for your flexibility, grace, and understanding.

     Important Calendar Reminder:

    Due to the significant loss of instructional time, inclement weather days will be remote learning days during the 2020-2021 school year.


  • NEW label Implications for OCS Staff


    Phasing-In of Instructional Staff for Revised Plan B

    OCS Leaders propose that Kindergarten and 1st Grade teachers and teaching assistants/TAs (and the second group of EC teachers and TAs) be paid a stipend as the second cohort of teachers and TAs return to in-person teaching.

    (Pre-K and EC separate setting teachers and TAs who have been on site since October, were provided with a stipend as the first cohort of teachers and TAs to return to in-person teaching.)

    In addition, to support Kindergarten and 1st Grade teachers in adjusting to the hybrid model of instruction, TAs will be reassigned to prioritize Grades K and 1 until Grades 2-12 return to in-person learning

    Given. that Grades 2-12 will not officially begin in-person instruction until April 12th, the following adjustments will be made, beginning January 20th:

    • In collaboration with their principals, classroom teachers and other certified staff for Grades 2-12 have the option to teach remotely and/or from their classrooms.
    • School staff will coordinate with their principals to bring students in Grades 2-12 back to school for in-person learning via extended orientations and small group instruction starting Monday, February 1st, and throughout the third quarter. Classroom teachers and other certified staff will need to attend in person during these sessions.
      • When students return on April 12th, they will have ONLY 16 days of in-person instruction. This will not allow for a staggered return. As a result, hybrid students will need to have had a number of opportunities to learn in-person while adjusting to the new safety protocols prior to April 12th.
      • Giving students numerous opportunities for in-person learning and to become oriented to new safety protocols will also enable teachers—especially those who will be teaching in the hybrid/concurrent model—the opportunity to better familiarize themselves with this instruction model. 
      • Small groups currently underway should continue; additional small groups can be added. The district continues to provide planning stipends and stipends for small groups facilitated outside of the school day (i.e., afterschool, Saturdays, etc.).
    • Principals will coordinate with staff on required in-person meetings such as PLCs, assessments, and/or PD sessions.
    • All classroom teachers and other certified staff will return in person on April 5th to prepare for students’ opting for Plan B hybrid model on April 12th. (This does not apply to staff on ADA.)
    • Front office support will continue to report in person.


  • On Thursday, November 12, all families received an email to respond to, regarding their plan for their child when Orange County Schools returns to Plan B: Hybrid In-Person/Alternating Weeks and Virtual Academy Offerings on January 25, 2021.  Signup forms were due November 23.  Families have the option of sending their child back to school under Plan B: Hybrid In-Person/Alternating Weeks or signing their child up for one of the fully remote Virtual Academy offerings.
    The following Info Sessions were made available to parents/the public ...

    Plan B Hybrid In-Person and Virtual Academy Offerings

    These webinars were about the three offerings for Virtual Academy.

    Thumbnail of graphic depicting Plan B alongside the Virtual Academy offerings

    YouTube link from the Info Session on November 10:

    Slide 6 of the Info Session PowerPoint, with a brief overview of each option

    Link to FAQ

    YouTube link from the Info Session on November 12:

    Safety Measures for Plan B in OCS: The ABC Science Collaborative

    These webinars were about the safety measures in place and the guidance OCS receives from our health department, state, and medical professionals.


    Slide from presentation

    YouTube link from the Info Session on November 18:

    Virtual Academy Offerings for OCS Elementary Students: Edmentum (Calvert Curriculum)

    These webinars were  designed for parents of elementary students who were interested in the Virtual Academy offerings for their child(ren).

    Laptop with Edmentum logo on screen

    Click on the link below to view the November 13 Edmentum webinar:

    Passcode: 2522HAW!

    Click on the link below to view the webinar from November 17:

    Passcode: Jit1=dth