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    Are you interested in becoming a licensed teacher but don’t know where to begin? Orange County Schools is hosting its annual alternative licensure fair. Come learn about licensure programs for individuals who did not graduate from a teacher education program. Let us help you fulfill your dream of becoming a teacher. This year’s event will be held virtually. 


    Orange County Schools is committed to recruiting the most dedicated and professional employees for our district. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about us and visit our Employment link often for updated listings.


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    Orange County Schools is a great place to take your next step...


    Our mission at Orange County Schools is
    to educate students in a safe, inclusive environment
    where we engage, challenge, and inspire them
    to reach their maximum potential.


    Teachers and educators in every school and department in Orange County Schools embrace this mission. We support every staff member by ensuring a friendly environment that empowers you to be your best and provide the best for students every day.

    We are ready to welcome you to OCS, where all your experience counts! Earn supplements that honor all your teaching experience in North Carolina. Start, build, and expand your career and employment options with Orange County Schools.

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    Embrace leadership opportunities by your example as an educator, and see how OCS Beginning Teacher Support programs encourage educators to grow and thrive. Join our team in Orange County Schools to become an effective educator during your first three years and at every step along your journey as an educator.

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    Make a difference every day in the lives of children at Orange County Schools. Do your best work to support every student in a world-class setting that also fosters a close-knit sense of community. Enjoy Orange County's rich natural and cultural resources and take advantage of living and working right next door to the Research Triangle.

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    Orange County Schools Beginning Teacher Support


    “I cannot say enough good things about my mentor
    and the work that she did to help me as a beginning teacher.
    She was a constant source of encouragement and help.
    Every single time that I had a question she either knew the answer,
    or knew how to help me find the answer. In short,
    I would not at all be the teacher I am today without my mentor teacher.”

    Ryan Lenzmeier, Gravelly Hill Middle School