• A posse ad esse

    from Possibility to Actuality

  •  Our Vision:

    At Partnership Academy, we are committed to cultivating positive relationships that empower students to achieve academic success and to grow their character, in an affirming environment where students, staff, parents, and community are active partners dedicated to instilling perseverance, resilience, independence, dedication, and ethical behavior (PRIDE).

    Our Mission: 

    Partnership Academy strives to cultivate powerful, meaningful, and lasting relationships with students, parents, and the community in order to provide individualized, engaging, and enriching opportunities for students to grow and achieve. By proactively addressing student needs through the use of creative problem-solving and the application of 21st century skills, Partnership will provide students with opportunities to practice and master responsibility, communication skills, resiliency, and respectfulness. 

    • Proactively address student needs through creative problem-solving in collaboration with the community.
    • Prepare students for the 21st century by teaching them, coaching them, and providing opportunities for them to demonstrate they can be responsible, respect others, communicate effectively, negotiate fairly, and act ethically.
    • Build resiliency in students by coaching them to manage their emotions and build positive relationships. 
  • Partnership Academy is a public school, a school of choice, and most importantly - partners with families and the community to help our students reach their goals. Partnership Academy provides an alternative academic program for high school students in Orange County Schoools who are having difficulties being successful in the traditional high school setting.  Students may apply to attend Partnership at the beginning of each semester.  We work closely with Orange High School and Cedar Ridge High School to identify students who may need an alternate method of education in order to earn their high school diploma.  We offer small class sizes of 10 or less students, which allows for more one on one time with the teachers and easier communication with the parent/guardians of students.

    In addition to offering the standard academic programs, Partnership Academy provides enrichment activities to enhance core academics and to facilitate students' character development and personal growth.  Each student that attends Partnership Academy will take a one semetser course in Personal Development that focuses on character education through introspection and application of learned concepts.  All students have the opportunity to participate in field trips, college tours, community service projects, and team building activities.