How to Apply

  • Welcome! Partnership Academy accepts applications for high school students throughout the school year on a rolling basis.  Students will apply to attend beginning the following semester.  Students may be admitted mid-semester on an emergency basis.

    Interested high school (current grades 9-12) students will complete Part I of the application process with his/her parent.   Applicants should then give the completed application to their current school counselor. Interested students are invited to schedule a visit to Partnership Academy.

    NOTE: Prospective students must reside in the Orange County School District of North Carolina. Prospective students may apply or be recommended to attend Partnership Academy.

    Please complete the part of the application that pertains to you:

    • Application Instructions: Please print the following instructions for your reference. If you use Google Drive, you can also choose "File," "Make a Copy" to have your own version. 
    • Part 1: For Student and Parent. Please complete Part 1 of the application and then deliver to your current school counselor. 
    • Part 2: School Counselor. This document is visible only to those granted specific access.
    • Part 3: Teachers and Student Services. This document is visible only to those granted specific access.

    Helpful information once you've been accepted to Partnership Academy

    Quick Facts

    • The student-teacher ratio is 10-1.
    • Partnership teachers deliver differentiated instruction using a variety of techniques.

    Services for Students in Special Programs

    • Exceptional Children: The IEP team and parents will determine a student’s specific needs and the availability of services required when considering enrollment at Partnership Academy.
    • SECTION 504: Students with a 504 plan are not excluded from placement consideration at PA. 
    • English Language Learners (ELL): If an ELL student enrolls at PA, all appropriate services will be provided.  

    Counseling Services

    The school counselor at Partnership Academy delivers a Comprehensive School Counseling Program including large classroom guidacne lessons, small group counseling, and individual counseling services with all students. Topics discussed may include but are not limited to career exploration/planning, transition issues, academic concerns, grief, anger management, conflict resolution, familial issues, managing anxiety and peer relationships. Group counseling topics are provided as needed. At Partnership Academy, students can also elect to participate in Pet Pals an animal therapy program. Visit the Support Services page for more information regarding counseling and related services.

    Orange County Schools also contracts with a local mental health agency to provide fee-based mental health services.  Contact Ms. Creech, the school social worker, for more information.

    Laptop Initiative

    As part of the Orange County Schools 1:1 Laptop Initiative, all Partnership Academy students are supplied with their own laptop for educational purposes.

    Breakfast and Lunch Program

    All parents will be asked to complete a free and reduced lunch application.  Those who qualify will be provided free breakfast and lunch.  Students are welcome to bring their own lunch although the use of a refrigerator or microwave at Partnership Academy is not available. Students are not allowed to charge meals.  

    Step Plans

    The school cousnselor creates an academic plan with each new student: the Student Transition Education Plan (STEP). The STEP plan builds on the student's strengths and addresses areas of need.

    The school counselor writes this plan in conjunction with the traditional or previous school staff by considering the student’s prior attendance records, grades, and progress at the time of his/ her placement in Partnership Academy, how much time is remaining in the current school year, and the availability of courses.

    Key Facts About Step Plans

    • The STEP Plan guides staff and families throughout the student’s enrollment in PA to encourage success academically and behaviorally.
    • STEP goals address behavior, academic achievement, and attendance. 
    • The school counselor, parent/guardian and student will review students' STEP plans at least once a quarter during report card conferences. The team will also review student plans during IEP meetings, exit review meetings, and as needed when a student is making progress toward the goals outlined in the plan.
    • We will modify and adjust the plans as needed. 
    • This plan will also serve as a transition guide if students choose to return to their traditional school.