Student Support Services

  • Ms. Kathy Cates, Data Manager
    Contact Ms. Cates for any information regarding PA activities, bus transportation needs, and absences.

    Mrs. Kristin Rosario, School Counselor
    Mrs. Rosario assists students by providing a comprehensive school counseling program that meets the needs of all students at PA.   Please feel free to contact Mrs. Rosario via phone or email to share any concerns you have regarding your student.

    Ms. Sylvia Compton , School Nurse
    Ms. Compton is the nurse at A.L. Stanback and Partnership Academy.  If you have any questions for the school nurse, she can be reached at (919) 644-6200 or via email.

    The School Counseling Department is dedicated to helping YOU, the student.  In order to do so, we need to know what YOU need help with.  

    Any student interested in taking Driver's Ed should give his/her name to Mrs. Rosario. Classes are held after school at CRHS or OHS from 4:15 - 6:15 pm. Students will need to provide their own transportation to and from the class.

    The School Counseling Advisory Council met to discuss program outcomes for the 2014-15 school year in June of 2015. The purpose of this meeting was to provide council members with an overview of the comprehensive school counseling program activities that occurred at Partnership Academy.  Highlights of our program included the implementation of the Why Try? curriculum in our personal development class, and college and career readiness activities.  


    Student Services Philosophy

    • We respect the dignity of every student regardless of age, race, disability, ethnicity,  gender, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.
    • We educate students to believe in their right of choice and their responsibility to develop integrity and ethical behavior.
    • We protect the privacy of students and families.
    • We promote self-direction and age-appropriate development in students both academically and personally.
    • We acknowledge parents as major stakeholders in their child's education.
    • We provide current information through the PA Facebook Page, All-call phone messages, and personal calls and emails.
    • We encourage parents and students to work with PA teachers, the principal, and counselor throughout the year.
    • We believe that ongoing communication is the most significant tool for success.

    Have a question about credits?  Need help with getting better grades?  Having trouble dealing with a situation at home, school or with your peers?  Submit a request for an appointment with Mrs. Rosario here.