• How do I get my child on the waitlist for OCS Online Academy?

    The application window for OA closed on August 1st. Filling out the interest survey from the district last school year did not automatically enroll or register your child. You must fill out the application on Powerschool. It is very important that you do NOT select your current school or the school you are zoned for when registering, but instead select "Waitlist OCS Online Academy" as your school choice under the student section of the application. If students currently enrolled in OCS Online Academy withdraw, we will pull new students in to enroll based on the date of application. At this time, there are no other options for remote learning in Orange County. You can find detailed instructions for applying here.


    What will be expected of my child?
    As with every school, students will be required to maintain good attendance and keep up with their studies. If, after every effort support is provided, the student is unable to maintain good attendance and keep up with the academics, the student may be required to transfer to their assigned attendance zone school.

    Will my child have the opportunity to interact with other students?
    There will be virtual/online whole group sessions scheduled for students to meet each other and to participate in various virtual/online events together. There may be opportunities for in-person field trips and events.

    How will testing work?
    Students will be required to be in-person for some school level and for all district and state-required testing.

    What if my child receives special services?

    Students who receive AIG, EC, and/or EL services will continue to receive these services. Please note that not all EC services will be provided. For more information, contact the EC Department at 919-245-4006.


    Will students be able to participate in athletics?
    Yes. High school and middle school students will be able to participate in athletics at their assigned attendance zone school. At this time, families will have to provide their own transportation. For questions, contact your assigned zone school.

    Will electives like chorus and band be offered?
    Not all elective courses such as band, chorus, International Baccalaureate (IB), Project Lead the Way (PLTW), welding, etc. will be offered at the OCS Online Academy. Course options offered through Edmentum EdOptions Academy can be found here.