• Opt in to receive TEXT MESSAGES from OCS!

    With the seasons changing, winter weather is likely to cause a disruption to our school days for our students.  While certainly not something we wish for, winter weather (and other unexpected ermergenices) are something we all need to prepare for and be made aware of.

    In the event of delayed openings / school closures -- or other emergencies that need to be communicated -- families receive a phone call. We also share updates on our website and our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter), along with telling local news stations.

    Now, you can opt in to receive to text messaging as a new, even more convenient way to receive communication.


    1. Contact your child's school.
    2. Tell them you want to sign up for text messaging from the school/district.
    3. Provide a your child's name and a mobile number.


Welcome to the Communications Department

  • Orange County Schools is committed to the establishment and support of a planned and systematic communications process between the school system and its stakeholder groups. We are committed to keeping the lines of communication open and being proactive by providing the most up-to-date information in a variety of formats to most effectively reach multiple audiences through:

    • A strategic communications plan that aligns with district goals and objectives to create a “one-clear-voice” concept when delivering information to stakeholders
    • To develop branding and marketing strategies for the school district
    • To develop communication and customer relations standards for all internal employees
    • To continually research and evaluate preferred methods of communication for all stakeholder groups
    • To promote a proactive approach with the media.

    Orange County Schools recognizes the role of the media in providing news and information to the community. It is the role of the Chief Public Information and Community Engagement Officer to assist in providing information about the district in a timely and accurate manner. The Communications Specialist supports this role. Members of the media are asked to contact the Communications Office via email or phone at 919-732-4166 ext. 19000.


    Kevin B. Smith, Chief Public Information Officer

    Jala Davis, Communications Specialist

Social Media Guidelines for Orange County Schools

  • Welcome

    Welcome to the official social media guidelines of the Orange County Schools (OCS). OCS uses social media platforms to present matters of public interest concerning OCS programs, activities, news, and events. Read on below for our Comment Policy, Rules of Civility and Decorum, and other important information about engaging with OCS on social media.


    Comment Policy

    We welcome comments from students, parents, and members of the community.  Please note, however, that this is a moderated discussion site and not a public forum for the discussion of any and all subjects.  All comments are subject to review by OCS moderators.  While comments will not be edited or screened for viewpoint, OCS reserves the right to remove any comment that includes any of the following:

    • Points unrelated to the purpose and subject of the main post.  All comments to any particular post should be germane to that post.  Commenters who wish to offer input on school system matters not addressed on our Facebook page are encouraged to contact the school, central office administration, or Board of Education, as appropriate, or to sign up to offer public comment at a regular business meeting of the Board.
    • Complaints, concerns, or confidential information about individual students or employees.  To protect the privacy and due process rights of our students and employees, OCS handles complaints and concerns about specific persons confidentially.  Questions or concerns about specific students should generally be referred in the first instance to the student’s teacher or a school administrator.  Questions or concerns about specific employees should generally be referred in the first instance to the school principal or other supervisor.  Other policies, like the discrimination, harassment, and bullying complaint procedure policy and the responding to complaints policy may apply in specific circumstances.
    • Advertising or promotional materials.
    • Copyrighted material posted without the express consent of the copyright holder.
    • Comments that do not comport with reasonable standards of civility and decorum (see below).
    • Words that constitute a criminal act or that solicit others to commit a criminal act.
    • Fraud or defamation.
    • Personally abusive language that is inherently likely to provoke a violent response.
    • Words that present a grave and imminent threat to any person’s health or safety.
    • Threats of violence.
    • Any illegal content.

    Civility and Decorum

    Comments that do not meet reasonable standards of civility of decorum may be removed.  Commenters are reminded that this is a public school system website and that students – most of whom are impressionable minors – are one of its main intended audiences.  Students check the OCS Facebook page frequently for important information about school events and activities and should not be exposed to comments that are likely to cause them emotional distress or that would be inappropriate in the school environment.  In particular, commenters are expected to refrain entirely from profanity, personal insults, and personal attacks against any person.


    OCS is not responsible for and does not necessarily endorse or oppose any points made by commenters on our social media pages. Commenters are solely responsible for their own comments and are urged to exercise good judgment, including but not limited to the rules and expectations set out above.