2021-2026 Strategic Plan


    Preparing every learner for lifelong service and success


    Educating students in a safe, inclusive environment where we engage, challenge, and inspire them to reach their maximum potential


    1. Value Diversity
      OCS values all our students, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, language, family composition or socioeconomic status.

    2. Put Students First
      Put Students First: OCS places students first by making student-centered decisions. The primary consideration in every decision is what is best for our students.

    3. Excellence in All We Do
      Every student deserves rigorous and creative educational opportunities that allow them to excel and grow through excellent teaching and learning. OCS supports staff with excellent resources to continue their professional growth to meet the needs of every student.

    4. Prioritize Equity
      Every student must have equitable access to resources and engaging opportunities to support their individual educational journey by ensuring that systems, structures, policies, and practices do not discriminate against students. We prioritize equity to be front and center in all we do.

    5. Provide a Safe Environment
      Every student deserves an emotionally and physically safe environment in which to learn.

    6. Serve the Whole Child
      In service to children, we provide an education that addresses the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of each and every student.

    7. Inclusive Culture & Climate Starts with Us
      OCS cultivates mutually respectful and trusting relationships in an inclusive environment.  We value and respect individual differences so students, staff, and families feel trusted, welcomed, safe, respected, and valued.

    8. Accountability
      We hold ourselves accountable for outcomes for every student.  We are transparent in everything we do.

    9. Collaborate to Do Great Work
      Students, staff, families, and the community at-large collaborate for the betterment of our district and community.


    1. Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders
    2. Excellence and Efficiency
    3. Exemplary Staff
    4. Empowering Culture

    Explore our vision and mission, review our belief statements, and see our top four goals and the measures we will use to evaluate success.

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    *This work has been in collaboration with OCS leadership and the North Carolina School Boards Association.