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    Hotspot Information for Families

    During remote learning in 2021, we worked very hard to connect all OCS families and students to the internet.  The unfortunate reality is that there are areas in Orange County that are not equipped for cell or internet service.  This is an unfortunate reality for rural areas throughout the state and the country.  A solution to address this will require a significant investment by our government officials. We are working with our Board to advocate on behalf of our families.

    Please return unused or no longer working hotspots. 

    OCS received 400 hotspots from North Carolina in August 2020 that were disabled by the state in September 2021.  We need families to return these so that we can reactivate them for families who need hotspots. If you have a hotspot that is no longer working or that your child no longer needs, please return the hotspot to your child’s school. 


    After you review the information below, if you determine you live in an area where there is no cell service and a hotspot will not work, here are free WiFi locations in Orange County:

    • Families may drive to any OCS middle or high school to download and/or upload assignments.

    WiFi access is available in public spaces and parking lots outside of local businesses throughout Orange County.  A full list of these locations can be found here.

  • If your OCS student is in need of a hotspot to be prepared for remote learning, please complete this form.