• Dr. Monique Felder was sworn in as Superintendent of Orange County Schools on October 9, 2019 and began her tenure here on November 1, 2019.

    Dr. Monique Felder


    Dr. Felder held multiple high-level administrative positions in Tennessee and Maryland before coming to Orange County. She has the privilege of having served as a seasoned educator, assistant principal, and principal prior to becoming a superintendent.

    “My focus for Orange County is equity, excellence and access,” she said. “I am an educator who firmly believes that all children have the fundamental right to a high-quality education. My career objective is to eradicate gaps in achievement, access, and opportunity to ensure the needs of ALL children are met in dynamic, challenging, and nurturing learning environments.”

    Dr. Felder has led our students, staff and families with unwavering drive and determination during a global pandemic. And while not every recommendation or decision has had 100% support of every stakeholder of OCS, she has remained steadfast at the helm, keeping her commitment: In service to children. 

    She leads with guidance from a fantastically dedicated leadership team. And together, and with the board’s support, she has kept schools open and kept students in classrooms, where they can thrive and where they belong. 

    Dr. Felder is a mother of three and a grandmother of five. Family and personal faith are of the highest importance in her life. She has a loving mother whom she cares deeply for and a fur baby, Joie, who she adores–and also spoils.