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Supporting Families with Food: How to Give

Thank you for supporting the children and families of Orange County Schools during this unprecedented time of difficulty. Your donation will go directly to the purchase of non-perishable foods for hundreds of families currently experiencing food insecurity. In the first week, over 600 families received boxes of food, and we expect the need to grow as the situation evolves.


STEP 1: Go to and click on Continue as Guest (in small lettering at the bottom)

k12 payment center sign in page

Note: If you are an OCS family with an existing account, instead of following the instructions below, you can: Log in, click on Schools Fees, and pay using the COVID-19 Donation item.

STEP 2: Choose North Carolina and Orange County Schools

sign in as guest tab

STEP 3: Indicate the amount of your donation in the COVID-19 donation section, and then click Add to Cart

choose donation tab

STEP 4: Click on the shopping cart at the upper right of the screen

 shopping cart logo

STEP 5: Click Proceed to Checkout 

STEP 6: Enter your payment information, and then submit it, by clicking on the Process Payment button at the bottom of the screen. 

You will receive a receipt via email. If you do not receive it, check your junk mail and spam email folders.