How to Register for the Orange County Schools

  • Enrollment takes place at your child's assigned school.

    1. Use the Assignment Locator to find the schools assigned to your address.
    2. Complete the Online Registration Form below.
    3. Contact the school directly to complete the process. School Directory

    Si necesita asistencia en Español contacte a Sandra Blefko al 919-644-3200 x15508.

Register a New Student

  • Register/enroll for the upcoming 2022-23 school year:

    This is to enroll at the school assigned to your address. The transfer window has closed and late applications are not accepted.

Age Requirement

  • In North Carolina, all Kindergarten students must have reached the age of 5 on or before August 31 of that school year. Board policy allows for the following exceptions:

    • Students who were enrolled in Kindergarten in another U.S. state with a different age requirement
    • Students who meet each of the following requirements for early entrance to Kindergarten:
      • The child reached the age of four on or before April 16
      • The child is presented for enrollment no later than the end of the first month of the school year
      • The principal of the school finds, based on information submitted by the child's parent or guardian, that the child is gifted and has the maturity to justify admission to school. In making such a determination, the principal shall follow guidelines established by the State Board of Education and the Superintendent.
        The Board regards admission of a four-year-old child to be an extraordinary measure that should not be used merely because the child is developmentally advanced. 


  • For more information, please contact your child's school or:

    Catherine Mau, Student Assignment & Technology Project Coordinator

    Student Assignment Office
    919-732-8126 x12512