Elementary Afterschool Programs

  • Program Hours

    The Afterschool Center serves children 5 days a week on most weeks. The SACC Programs follow Orange County Schools’ calendar. Therefore, the centers are closed on holidays and inclement weather days, early dismissal days, and teacher workdays. The Center operates from the end of the school day until 6:00 p.m.

    Afterschool Withdrawal

    Parents wishing to withdraw their child from an OCS afterschool program are required to give a two week notice and submit an afterschool withdrawal form. Telephone withdrawals are not accepted.

    For additional information about Elementary Afterschool Programs and other program activities contact Wayne Winstead or ocs.schoolcare@orange.k12.nc.us Puede mandar su correo electronico en español.

    Enrollment Criteria

    The SACC program is designed to serve children who need care five days a week. We do not provide drop-in, or short term care. Separate fees and enrollment apply to each program session. Enrollment is limited in some programs and available on a first come, first serve basis. Children can be placed on a wait list. Pre-enrollment and mail-in is available for each program session. Call the School-Community Relations Office at 919 732-4166 to enroll or check with your child’s school office for an application.


    A child may be registered for enrollment in the After-school program at any time when slots are available.


    We only offer full-time care at each licensed after school program.

    Enrollment Process

    All information on application must be complete and kept current. Parents must provide changes and new information to the Registration Office as soon as possible concerning: emergency contacts, name changes, employers, and address and phone number changes.

    Parents will be notified at the time of registration if the child/children have been accepted into the program. There are 125 full-time slots available at each Program Center. 

    More About Elementary Afterschool

    All Orange County Schools Elementary Afterschool Programs are 5-star rated by the NC Department of Health and Human Services Childcare Division.

    In our Afterschool programs, children are given the flexibility to make choices that best meet their particular needs for that day. Unlike a structured classroom, children are free to move about and explore activities of their choice. This is a place where children are allowed to be creative and imaginative through reading, arts and crafts, hands-on computer skills and much more. An afternoon snack is provided to all children after which homework, outdoor, playground activities and some group projects are involved. Homework is encouraged but self-directed.  The Staff is available to answer questions; however they are monitoring activities for other children at the same time. Some children choose to simply relax with their friends or a good book, however all children are encouraged to engage in some form of physical play and fun. Throughout the afternoon at least four different activities and experiences are offered.

    Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the American with Disabilities Act make it unlawful to discriminate in any service on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ethnicity or handicapping conditions. If, however, the nature of a child’s handicap requires   special assistance or special staffing, the child will not be enrolled until it has been determined if we will be able to address those special needs.
    All  SACC Centers are licensed by the state of  North Carolina and receive regular inspections for compliance to licensing regulations. A copy of the center’s licensing permit is posted at each site.