About Orange High School

  • School

    Orange High School is a comprehensive 9-12 school, offering a full complement of academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular opportunities. The curriculum includes college preparatory, college/technical preparatory, career/technical education, visual and performing arts, and technical opportunities such as MS Office Specialist Certification, ServSafe Certification, and Linux + Certification. Students also may enroll in online courses via NC Virtual Public School. OHS participates in Career & College Promise with NC community colleges, and the school actively collaborates with various community agencies and organizations. OHS operates a four-period day on a block schedule.  To see a complete list of course offerings please review the OCS High School Course Guide.



    1302 in grades 9-12 Class size: Seniors = 286; Juniors = 303; Sophomores = 317; Freshmen = 396 Demographics: 65% Caucasian, 15% African-American, 16% Hispanic, 3% Multiracial, <1% Asian, <1% American Indian, <1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander



    There are 90 certified staff at Orange High School, including one principal, three assistant principals, four school counselors, one career development coordinator, one media specialist, one social worker, and one school nurse. More than 50% of the faculty hold advanced degrees. Academic, college and personal counseling is provided by the Counseling and Student Services staff.


Grading Information

  • Grading System

    A=90-100 B=80-89 C=70-79 D=60-69 F=0-59 The NC State Board of Education approved a standard 10-point grading scale beginning the 2015-16 school year for all high school students. Grades from prior years were not altered retroactively.


    Quality Points

    A 4.0 grading scale is used to calculate a GPA, which determines a student’s class rank. Freshmen of 2015-16 and years after will receive .5 additional quality points for honors-level classes, while Advanced Placement and some special honors-weighted electives receive 1 additional quality point. For freshmen entering high school prior to 2015-16, they receive 1 additional quality point for honors-level classes and 2 additional quality points for AP and special honors-weighted electives.