English Department

  • Department Chair

    Meredith Connor

    Extension: 20104

    Email: meredith.connor@orange.k12.nc.us

    College Attended: UNC-Chapel Hill

    Why I am a Teacher: My mom was a media specialist at an elementary school, and I grew up helping her with her schoolwork. I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher.

    Heroes: Isabel Allende and Toni Morrison -- They are both beautiful writers who push boundaries and give readers great insight into their respective cultures.

    Favorite Book: The House of the Spirits -- Isabel Allende


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: 

    Block 2: 

    Block 3: 

    Block 4: 


    Marcus Alford

    Extension: 20111

    Email: marcus.alford@orange.k12.nc.us


    College Attended: UNC-Wilmington

    Why I am a Teacher: I felt called to do so. I enjoy helping people understand and learn new things as well as being able to do something important for somebody else's life.

    Heroes: My Dad - He's my role model; My Wife - She's awesome in every way; Spider-Man - He can do whatever a spider can

    Favorite Book: Brave New World


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: English IV

    Block 2: English IV

    Block 3: Mythology

    Block 4: Planning


    Kelly Arnold

    Extension: 20103

    Email: kelly.arnold@orange.k12.nc.us

    College Attended: UNC-Greensboro

    Why I am a Teacher: I love working with teenagers. I think they may be the most interesting people on the planet at the most critical juncture in their lives. It's a privilege to help them through the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

    Heroes: My own high school English teacher, Phyllis Gray, impacted my beliefs regarding teaching and learning. My mother taught me the meaning of strength and dignity, even in the face of adversity. She was my first teacher. I also admire people like Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai who recognized inequities in their societies and were not afraid to advocate for what is right. When we work to make the world better for the most vulnerable folks, we make it better for everyone.

    Favorite Book: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: English I

    Block 2: Honors English IV

    Block 3: Honors English IV

    Block 4: Planning


    Richard Arnold

    Extension: 20105

    Email: richard.arnold@orange.k12.nc.us

    College Attended: Appalachian State University

    Why I am a Teacher: To find and support students like myself

    Heroes: Richard Marcinko-founder of Seal Team Six. He was an unconventional warrior who realized while the mission is important, those doing the mission are even more important.

    Favorite Book: Harold and the Purple Crayon


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: English I

    Block 2: Planning

    Block 3: Honors English I

    Block 4: Honors English I


    Richard Hauser

    Extension: 20106

    Email: richard.hauser@orange.k12.nc.us


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: English III

    Block 2: Planning

    Block 3: English I

    Block 4: English III


    Kristina Horne

    Extension: 20101

    Email: kristina.horne@orange.k12.nc.us

    College: UNC-Chapel Hill

    What I am a Teacher: I want to help students grow and become the best versions of themselves. I love showing students how literature can be used as a key to unlock so many new worlds and explore new ideas.

    Heroes: My mom is one of my personal heroes - she inspired me to become a teacher and is one of the strongest and most caring people I know. 

    Favorite Book: Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: English I

    Block 2: Honors English II

    Block 3: Planning

    Block 4: Honors English II


    Katherine Penley

    Extension: 20102

    Email: katherine.penley@orange.k12.nc.us

    College Attended: UNC-Chapel Hill

    Why I am a Teacher: Of all the adults I met as a child, I was most fascinated and impressed by teachers who knew things that were valuable and interesting and wanted to share those things with me. They were role models that helped me learn the invaluable traits of curiosity and hard work. I later realized that teaching allows for immense passion and creative expression; it is an art form. My only goal is to share what I’ve found to be true, captivating, and enriching with those who want to learn.

    Favorite Book: The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: English II

    Block 2: Planning

    Block 3: AP Language

    Block 4: English II


    Clancy Russell

    Extension: 20109

    Email: clancy.russell@orange.k12.nc.us

    College: UNC-Chapel Hill

    Why am I a Teacher: I love to see potential in students who may not always see it in themselves and then encourage them to keep growing and improving. Every student needs a champion. 

    Heroes: One hero is Dean Smith for his civil rights efforts as a basketball coach at UNC. He lived by the quote "You should never be proud of doing the right thing, you should just do the right thing."

    Favorite Book: In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: AVID 9

    Block 2: AVID 10

    Block 3: Planning

    Block 4: Honors English II


    Kay Cee Sprintz

    Extension: 20110

    Email: kaycee.sprintz@orange.k12.nc.us


    College Attended: UNC-Chapel Hill

    Why I am a Teacher: Teaching encompasses all of the things I love: people, literature, writing, and discussion.

    Favorite Book: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: Honors English III

    Block 2: Honors English III

    Block 3: Honors English II

    Block 4: Planning


    Meredith Stephens

    Extension: 20108

    Email: meredith.stephens@orange.k12.nc.us

    College Attended: UNC Greensboro

    Favorite Book: William Shakespeare's First Folio


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: AP Language

    Block 2: Planning

    Block 3: English IV

    Block 4: Journalism


    Tracy Workman

    Extension: 20107

    Email: tracy.workman@orange.k12.nc.us

    College: UNC-Wilmington (undergrad) Elon University (Masters)

    Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: Planning

    Block 2: HRC

    Block 3: HRC

    Block 4: English I