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    While we are away from Orange High School, we would still like you to get your activity in.

    Click Here for the OHS Physical Education Distant Learning Website.

Health & Physical Education Department

  • Athletic Director

    Michael McCauley

    Extension: 20090


    College Attended: Elon College

    Why I am a Teacher: Some of the most important people in my life through my middle and high school years were my coaches. They helped establish character principles and create positive and meaningful experiences with school that enabled me to reach educational goals. As I began to understand and appreciate their influences, I decided that I would emulate them and ideally affect my students and athletes in a similar manner.

    Heroes: My coaches were among my heroes because of how they shaped my life.

    Favorite Book: I enjoy books authored by successful coaches.


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: 

    Block 2: Weight Training

    Block 3: 

    Block 4: 

    Athletic Trainer

    Emily Gaddy

    Extension: 20707


    College Attended: Campbell University (Bachelor's); California University of Pennsylvania (Masters)

    Why I am a Teacher: Why did you want to become an athletic trainer? I wanted to become an athletic trainer because I wanted to work in medicine, but I wanted to do something different than seeing my patient for an hour and maybe not seeing them again. I love being a health care professional and working with my patients on a daily basis. Caring for the total patient is important! Medicine often becomes segmented and patients are viewed as an injury or illness instead of a person. ATs care for our patients in their entirety, not just their injury. I have the honor and privilege of working day in and day out with my patients. I get to watch them meet their goals, make improvements, and work their hardest to get stronger and heal. I get to be on the sidelines when they return to the sport they love, graduate, or return home from 2 months in the hospital. I get to be there for them in their worst moments and in their best.

    Favorite Book: Anything by Dan Brown


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: Planning

    Block 2: Planning

    Block 3: Sports Medicine 1

    Block 4: Sports Medicine 1

    Department Chair

    William Condron

    Extension: 20701


    College Attended: East Carolina

    Why I am a Teacher: I had so many educators positively influence me and I wanted to do the same.

    Heroes: My wife, sister, and dad

    Favorite Book: Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: 1st Health&PE

    Block 2: Planning

    Block 3: Lifetime

    Block 4: Health&PE


    Brian Grant

    Extension: 20700


    College Attended: Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

    Why I am a Teacher: I have every confidence that the lessons I try to teach have the potential to improve student's lives if not outright save them.

    Favorite Book: Dune


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: Health&PE

    Block 2: 

    Block 3: 

    Block 4: Health&PE


    Jason Knapp

    Extension: 20702


    College Attended: Concord College

    Why I am a Teacher: To give back.

    Heroes: My parents...they were and are always there for me.

    Favorite Book: Friday Night Lights


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: Lifetime

    Block 2: Lifetime

    Block 3: Weightlifting

    Block 4: Planning



    Nick Shriner

    Extension: 20702


    College Attended: APP STATE

    Why I am a Teacher: To enrich the lives of children and to help coach.

    Heroes: My dad cuz he loves Jesus and people.

    Favorite Book: The Bible


    Classes/Weekly Instructional Plans

    Block 1: Weight Training

    Block 2: Health&PE

    Block 3: Health&PE

    Block 4: Planning