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    What Is PowerSchool?

    PowerSchool is a suite of tools to monitor student progress and communicate with teachers. Real-time notifications about new grades and attendance. PowerSchool makes it easy for students and parents to get and stay involved with convenient, time-saving solutions to track and monitor their students’ progress.

    Student Access/Log In

    Students can access PowerSchool through the NcEdCloud using their student number (lunch number) and a password they created. Students are encouraged to check their PowerSchool account regularly to check their grades and attendance records.

    Parent Access/Log In

    Below is a video that explains how to access your PowerSchool Parent account and what you can do as a parent once you have logged in. Please note, you will have to contact the school to complete the setup of your parent account. More details and directions about setting up your account for Orange County Schools further down on this page.

    Already have an account?

    Click Here for the parent login if you have already created your parent account and linked it to your student's PowerSchool information. (Note: Only parents should use this link. Students should access PowerSchool through the NcEdCloud).

    Need to create an account?

    Click here to create your PowerSchool parent account for the first time.

    Click Here for directions to help you through this process. Once you have set up a PowerSchool parent account you can use this link to access the PowerSchool login page. 

    In order to finish setting up your PowerSchool parent account, you will have to link student(s) to your parent account with a unique Access ID and Password. To obtain this information contact the building Digital Learning Coach - Stephen.Stewart@orange.k12.nc.us

    Email Notifications

    Click Here if you would like to set up or change the email notifications you receive from PowerSchool.

PowerSchool App

  • Using the PowerSchool Mobile App

    If you prefer to use a mobile app or have better access to a mobile device and wish to use your smartphone to keep up with your student's grades, please view the video below to learn more about the PowerSchool Mobile app. Please note the web version of PowerSchool is the recommended way to access student grades and information.


  • Trouble Accessing your PowerSchool Parent Account?

    If you cannot access your PowerSchool parent account please first use the automated process located on the Parent Portal Screen “Having trouble signing in?”. If this does not resolve the login issue parents/guardians can contact the school for further assistance. The school can only verify the email address that is used with the parent portal account over the phone or email. 

    Accounts that are locked due to too many login attempts errors will have to come to the school with a picture ID.