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When Students Get on the Bus


  • Upon boarding the bus and while students are being transported, face coverings are required for all students and adults on OCS buses and other transportation vehicles. Wearing cloth face cover is most important when students and staff cannot maintain six feet of social distance between each other. 
  • Each student will have their temperature taken prior to boarding the bus daily.
  • Following the NCDHHS and NCDPI recommendations and guidelines, hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) will be provided to each driver and safety assistant in 8-ounce bottles for personal use and for use by middle and high school students (upon request). Drivers will squeeze or pump the sanitizer into the student’s hands when they board the bus.  Middle and high school students can request hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the bus. Hand sanitizer will only remain on the school bus while the bus is in use and transporting students; it will not be stored on the bus. Drivers and safety assistants will report to the Transportation Department for refills on hand sanitizer.