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Seating on Buses

Due to seating capacity limits and restrictions, and per the NCDHHS recommendation to keep students grouped together as much as possible from day to day in case of the need for contact tracing, the following will apply:

  • Students will sit one student per seat or two students per seat if from the same household. No more than two students will be allowed per seat. For example, 72-passenger max capacity school buses can transport at least 24 students or up to 48 students if at least two students sit together from the same household.  
  • Spaces above seats have been labeled with alphabet letters to help students identify their assigned seats.
  • OCS Transportation will only be for students who have a bus assignment. In addition, students requiring bus transportation must ride to and from their designated bus stop.

Students not assigned to a particular bus will not be allowed to ride on any other bus except the one to which they are assigned. This applies to the morning and the afternoon. Notes for rides home with relatives and friends will not be honored while under Plan B because of the limited seating restrictions. Due to the ridership limits, students waiting outside in the morning at an address different than their own will not be transported to school. 

New Students:

If a new student enrolls and needs bus transportation they will be assigned to a bus within 48 hours. As such, same day service from any school will be unavailable. To obtain maximum ridership during Plan B, bus ridership on each bus must be the same for AM and PM; therefore, student bus stops will be the same in the AM and PM. If a student does not ride the bus for several consecutive days without any communication to the transportation department, we will be unable to save the transportation spot and it will be assigned to another student. It will be imperative to notify the school about any illness or situation that would keep your student from their assigned spots on the bus.