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School Accountability Reports for Orange County Schools

OCS School Accountability Results 2023

The State Board of Education released North Carolina’s annual school accountability report on September 6, 2023.

This report helps promote the academic achievement of all public school students and assists stakeholders in understanding and gauging student and school performance against state and national standards. Statewide assessments and other performance indicators help educators, students, parents, and other stakeholders measure the progress of students and schools and determine where to provide additional support.  

The school accountability report data indicate student academic progress and performance for the 2022-23 school year. Key indicators include: 

  • Student performance on required end-of-grade (EOG) and end-of-course (EOC) tests; 
  • Academic growth outcomes for all schools; 
  • School Performance Grades (SPG) for schools and school-level subgroups; 
  • Long-term goals for schools to improve achievement and reduce performance gaps; 
  • Cohort graduation rates.

Overview of Orange County Schools 2022-2023 EOG/EOC results


Key Points

Three (3) schools improved letter grade scores from 2021-2022 to 2022-2023:

  • Efland Creeks Global Elementary - from D to C
  • River Park Elementary - from C to B
  • Gravelly Hill Middle - from F to D

One (1) school declined:

  • A.L. Stanback Middle - from C to D

Nine (9) schools met or exceeded growth:

  • A.L Stanback Middle
  • Gravelly Hill Middle
  • Partnership Academy High
  • River Park Elementary
  • Grady A. Brown Elementary
  • Cedar Ridge High
  • Hillsborough Elementary  
  • Efland Cheeks Elementary  
  • New Hope Dual Language Elementary

The OCS 4-year cohort graduation rate of 87.8% exceeded the state’s graduation rate of 86.4%:

  • Cedar Ridge 89.3%
  • Orange High 87.7%
  • Partnership Academy 57.9%


Other Key Takeaways

  • In 2021-22:
    • 10 out of 13 schools exceeded growth, and two did not meet growth status.
    • 1 school was designated an “F” school.

  • In 2022-23:
    • 3 out of 13 schools exceeded growth
    • 6 schools met growth
    • 4 schools did not meet growth
    • No OCS schools were designated as “F” schools
    • 58.3% of Orange County Schools were designated a C or higher.

  • One Title I school exceeded growth and shifted from a D to a C.
  • One Title I school met growth, and two Title I schools did not meet growth.



This page may continue to be updated as more results are released.


Last updated: September 7, 2023