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OCS Literacy hosts inaugural Instructional Assistant Cohort Graduation

“Dedication, commitment, passion”


These are the words Mariah Morris, OCS Director of Literacy uses to describe the group of Instructional Assistants attending the inaugural graduation of their cohort. 

This cohort included Instructional Assistants representing multiple elementary schools including Central, Hillsborough, Grady A. Brown and Efland-Cheeks Global Elementary. 

Throughout the school year, this group of Instructional Assistants have collaborated closely with the OCS Literacy Team to enhance their skills and knowledge, devoted to nurturing literacy and fostering educational development. 

In these group sessions with the Literacy Team, this cohort developed a variety of skills including phonemic awareness, fluency protocols, comprehension and small group strategies all of which they could apply in real life scenarios with their students in the classroom. 

Praising the group for their application of techniques, Early Literacy Specialist Beth Swain said she’s been to the schools and observed this application in real time. 

“I always see you engaged with kids. You didn’t leave it here, you took it to the kids,” Swain said. 

In the presence of Superintendent Dr. Danille Jones, Principals, District Leaders and their peers, the Instructional Assistants were given awards, honoring them for their dedication and commitment to their students and to the program. 

Congratulations to the inaugural cohort of Instructional Assistants that have paved the way for future cohorts, being leaders in their schools and consistently improving the lives of their students everyday.