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How the 2020 Census will Impact Orange County Schools

At Orange County Schools, we know that by providing the right resources and services for our students, we can offer them the best education possible—all while focusing on excellence, equity and access. These resources and services include things like safe and modern school buildings to training for teachers and more.

We need the right funding to pay for these resources and services—and that brings us to the census.

The census bureau is closely monitoring COVID-19 and is updating its in-person census activities to follow federal, state and local guidance. The good news is, the census is still happening. 

The census’ results determine how billions of federal dollars are distributed to every state and community, including Orange County. 

That’s why we’re asking YOU—our staff, students, families and community members—to participate in the census. 

You may be thinking of a logical question: why? We’re including more information about what the census is and why it’s important below. You can learn more by watching this video, too.

*Note: you are not required to meet anyone in person to participate in the census. 

About the Census

The census happens once every 10 years in the United States. The U.S. Census Bureau gathers data about every family and individual living in America, including information about your age and how many people live in your home.

The census determines two important things:

  1. How much federal and state funding we receive for important public services like health clinics, fire departments and, of course, our education system
  2. How many congressional seats each state receives

By accurately filling out the upcoming survey, we can ensure that Orange County Schools receives the funding its students, staff and community members deserve.

The Census Process

You should have received an invitation from the U.S. Census Bureau to participate in the census. 

You can respond online, by phone or by mail. As a North Carolina resident, you’re required by law to answer the census questions.

The bureau then includes your answers—eliminating information that could help identify you or your family—in its overall data.

Privacy and the Census

The U.S. Census Bureau is required by law to keep every answer strictly confidential. This means that no census team member can share your answer with another government agency, law enforcement or a landlord. Your census answers cannot be used against you by any government agency or court. As a matter of fact, every census employee takes an oath to protect your personal information.

Census Chain Reaction Example

Everyone in Orange County answers census questions truthfully → correct census data → accurate information about our community → federal and state funding for our programs, like education → the right resources in our schools