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A New Phase in Our Remote Learning

May 4, 2020

Dear Families,

Today we are beginning a new phase in our remote learning in Orange County Schools!

Last week, we told you about the new resources we are launching--and how hard our team worked to ensure students have these new learning opportunities. You now have access to pre-recorded videos and new assignments aligned to key standards for the third and fourth quarters of the year. The materials are available on our district’s remote learning website and meet students’ needs  to access content on their own time. It provides information in short bits with interactive opportunities and addresses one concept at a time, helping students understand the material in chunks. You can learn more about the learning materials here

As a reminder, we aren’t seeking to replicate the classroom experience, as we cannot teach live at a certain time on a particular day. But learning can still continue!

We realize our students’ and families’ schedules, internet access, home learning environments and other critical factors vary. The district’s remote learning model allows students and their families the flexibility they need to continue learning. This includes Choice Boards, which can continue to be accessed online and in hard copy form, and are reflective of the key academic standards. Please note that the Choice Boards (Pre-K- Grade 8) released today reflect one pre-recorded lesson option.  All future Choice Boards will reflect many more pre-recorded video options and more 3rd and 4th quarter critical concepts.  All remote learning opportunities can be accessed on the district’s remote learning site located on the district’s website at 

And, teachers will continue to have virtual office hours to check in with and engage students using a number of platforms.

As a reminder, we won’t be penalizing any student for our current health crisis. You can learn about the state’s grading structure here

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 4th-8th!

I do want to take a moment to pause and thank our wonderful teachers for their incredible work, in line with Teacher Appreciation Week. While we aren’t physically together, we certainly can still celebrate teachers and all they do! 

Our teachers continue to be among the important touchpoints with our students, checking in on them, guiding them, and providing learning in new and creative ways. 

With that in mind, I’d like to extend a special thanks to our Teacher of the Year winners. Each of these great educators represents one of our amazing schools, so congratulations to:

Cameron Park

Amy Price

5th grade teacher

Gravelly Hill

Anneke Oppewal

Spanish teacher


Brenda Dayle

Kindergarten teacher

New Hope

Brenna Leonard

3rd grade teacher

Orange High

Brooke Connor

English Language Arts teacher

CW Stanford

Cassie Rooney

English Language Arts teacher

Efland Cheeks Global

Chris Dieso

4th grade teacher

AL Stanback

Christine Preddy

Science teacher

Cedar Ridge High

Douglas Buchacek

Social Studies teacher


Janelle Leonard

Early Childhood teacher

Partnership Academy

Michael Barrett

Early Childhood teacher

Cameron Park

Mollie Compton

Kindergarten  teacher

Gravelly Hill

Robert Herman

3rd grade teacher

It’s wonderful to see the community come together in celebration of our teachers’ hard work. For example, one school is celebrating every day of the week with a different, fun activity. They are even asking families to participate and share their appreciation online. 

Please follow their lead and extend your appreciation to your teachers and any teachers you know this week! You can find some great ideas for how to celebrate them here. 

THANK YOU TO ALL OCS EDUCATORS! And, thank you, OCS families, for your continued support! We appreciate you, too!


Dr. Monique Felder