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A Message from Dr. Monique Felder

June 1, 2020


Dear Families,

As we round out the last few weeks of the school year, we must stay strong in our support for remote learning. Our scholars are rockstars! During this unique time, our students are handling their schoolwork, while also learning about resilience and perseverance. 

They are learning to be successful, even during unexpected times; learning what it means to give up something for others; and learning that they can accomplish anything. 

Family Survey on Learning

We want to hear from you about remote learning as we finish out the year--what’s working, what’s not working as well, and how we can plan for your needs next year. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be surveying our families about a number of things that will help us prepare for next school year including current remote learning and how your child/children have experienced learning since Orange County Schools closed due to COVID-19.  Orange County Schools will be calling many of our families to conduct phone surveys.  In addition, we will be conducting an online survey so all of our families can participate and help give us guidance on how to best serve our students of Orange County.   Family/stakeholder feedback is so critical as we plan for next school year. We respect all opinions and value everyone’s input, perspective, and experiences. In the spirit of continuous improvement, please make sure your voice is heard by participating in the surveys.  Thank you.

Access to Learning 

To continue learning into the summer and next school year, we are preparing for more remote learning and/or hybrid learning (a combination of in-person learning and remote learning). We are investing in technology to meet students where they are. 

We’ve made a promise to provide excellent education for all Orange County Schools students. As we begin our “Remote Learning 2.0” plan, it is absolutely necessary that we ensure equity in access to technology, including wireless internet access. 

I’m proud to say that 97% of enrolled 3-12 grade students have Chromebooks checked out. We also provided 45 mobile hotspots, which is a device that connects to a cellular network and provides wireless internet access, to families and staff. 

But, that’s not all. 500 more hotspots are coming, along with more than 500 new laptops for staff and students. We are working through plans to provide devices to our K-2 students as well. We are researching all options that provide access to those who need it, such as WiFi on our buses and in school parking lots.

I’ve been asked in the past if technology investments are necessary. This is no longer a question. No student in Orange County Schools will be left without access to learning because they don’t have the right technology.

We are investing in our future. 

Thank you for all you are doing.  Your support continues to be appreciated.




Dr. Monique Felder