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New Information on Required Immunizations for Rising 12th Graders

Attention Parents of Rising 12th Graders

North Carolina Immunization law requires all children in the state to receive certain immunizations. The following vaccine is now required for 12th grade entry. 

Meningococcal Booster Dose: This vaccine provides protection against meningitis. Many 12th graders will have already received one or two of these vaccines. Check with your healthcare provider for information on your child’s immunization status. 

North Carolina State Law - Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccination

Two doses. One dose is required for individuals entering the seventh grade or by 12 years of age, whichever comes first, on or after July 1, 2015. A booster dose is required for individuals entering the 12th grade or by 17 years of age, whichever comes first. Individuals who entered seventh grade before July 1, 2015 are not required to receive the first dose. The booster dose does not apply to individuals who entered the 12th grade before August 1, 2020. If the first dose is administered on or after the 16th birthday, a booster dose is not required. Individuals born before January 1, 2003 shall not be required to receive meningococcal conjugate vaccine.

There is a 30 day grace period from the first day of school, August 24, 2020. On September 23, 2020, students who have not received the vaccination required by state law will not be allowed to attend school until the necessary documentation is received. 

The above vaccine is required. Several immunizations are also recommended for adolescents by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These recommended vaccines include HPV, Hepatitis A and flu. 

Please refer to for additional information on these important required and recommended vaccines. 

Parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a health care provider soon. Please call your school nurse if you have any questions.