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27 Orange High School students are inducted into M.A.P

screenshot of MAP officers during virtual meeting   MAP logo

Orange High School inducted 27 students into the Minority Achievers Program (MAP) November 17, 2020.

MAP is a student-led organization at Orange and Cedar Ridge high schools designed to promote and support students of color in achieving their academic goals.

At the induction ceremony, Ricky Hurtado was they guest speaker. His topic was “The Power of Your Story.” He shared details of his family’s personal journey in America, and inspired students to cherish and share their own stories. Mr. Hurtado is the first Latino to hold an elected office in Alamance County.

MAP members have a positive impact in the school community while encouraging diversity in higher level courses such as honors and AP courses.

The MAP organization meets two times per month, virtually. They have officers and invite guest speakers to have discussions on topics, based upon student interest. They also tour colleges and universities (prior to the pandemic).

To qualify for MAP, a student must have a 3.0 unweighted GPA and must be interested or enrolled in higher level courses.