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End-of-Year Family Message

Dear Orange County Schools families, 

I think you will agree with me when I say “what a year.” 

When we kicked off the fall semester, we didn’t know what the school year would bring. We were tackling virtual learning and ever-changing information. Our team worked long hours, from early mornings to late nights for months—some of us admittedly fueled by buckets of coffee. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate our team and their hard work during this challenging time. 

And through it all, our OCS families—you—were a ROCK. You juggled child care, work, and frankly, stress, to ensure your kids were still learning during this time. When we were able to return to in-person learning, you worked with us on new schedules, safety processes and more to ensure our students and staff could stay healthy in the classroom. You stepped up when our students needed it the most, and I am so proud of what we were able to accomplish together. 

As we talk about returning to school, I do have to take a moment to brag about our students. They handled a completely new way of learning—with new rules and practices—with impressive poise. And it paid off. Did you know that we didn’t have a single case of COVID-19 transmission within our schools when students returned? We were able to not only keep our students and staff safe, but keep learning, too. 

Now, we’re looking to the future. We’re working on our new five-year strategic plan, with a focus on excellence, equity and access for each and every OCS student. We’re making changes to better support our students, especially when it comes to key areas like literacy and math. We’re working with parents and caregivers, community members, business leaders, staff and students to ensure equity is part of everything we do. The list goes on—and I am so excited about what this next school year will bring. 

As we say goodbye for the school year, I want to say one more time how much I value every single OCS family and student. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing summer break. I look forward to a great fall semester. 

In service to children, 

Dr. Monique Felder