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Summer Scholars Academy Week 2 Featured Site: Grady A. Brown

Tiffany Long is the Site Administrator of the Grady A. Brown Summer Scholars Academy. She comes to this summer leadership role as a Principal Fellow of NCSU, gaining invaluable hands-on experience as an administrator to prepare her for the next chapter. Her favorite part of Summer Scholars Academy so far has been getting to know the students, she said.

Once the daily routines and logistics were ironed out, and the youngest participants (K-2) got used to changing classes, the program at Grady A. Brown gelled. Students have been able to actively engage in a variety of academic, social and enrichment activities.

For some of the youngest students, following a year of remote learning due to the pandemic, this is their first time at a brick and mortar site. Long said that the staff work together to ensure that every child is greeted every day, in a friendly manner by an adult. Counselors have been very supportive in helping to calm nerves, ease fears and help all children integrate into their classroom environments.

“We make sure every kid knows they are welcome here at Grady A. Brown,” said Long.

Tuesday, fourth and fifth graders learned the soft skills of interviewing.

Weather permitting, lunch breaks include outside play on the three playground areas at the school.

“Older students are really enjoying engineering with Legos,” said Long. Most afternoons this week, students in grades 3-5 have constructed robots (with Legos) that students can control with their laptops. Not only can they command the robot, they can add sound and lighting effects—all wirelessly from the computer!

Long said also, “This staff is here, and they are working!” Together, the team makes sure transitions from classroom to classroom are smooth and orderly. Many staff members are from other schools, are still in high school or college, or like Long herself, interns! Despite the diversity among staff, Long said the team meshes well, is stepping up to the plate, that all are working together to provide an excellent experience for the OCS Summer Scholars in the program!

“We also appreciate the parents for their support,” Long added. “With their help, we are coming together as a team and figuring out what works best for the kids, and meeting all of their needs.”