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Summer Scholars Academy Week 3 Featured Site: New Hope Elementary

Austin Morris is a former North Carolina Teaching Fellow, lawyer, and high school English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher.  He is currently preparing for a career in school leadership. Leading the New Hope Summer Scholars team is a challenge that will help prepare him for a future role as a school administrator.

Mr. Morris said, “Our students are the best thing about Summer Scholars!  We have so many remarkable young people attending Summer Scholars every day to improve their literacy skills, to learn math and science, and to work and play with their friends.” He added, “It’s wonderful to see them all working and playing together happily each day as they improve old skills and learn new ones.”

The staff and educators work extra hard to make sure the students and other professionals have a positive experience each day.

Mr. Morris said that everyone seems to really enjoy being back in classrooms for in person learning!

“Throughout the building, you can see students completing grade level-appropriate activities that progressively improve their ability to understand, create, collaborate, engineer, code, think critically, and apply scientific thinking to new challenges,” he said.

Collage of images from New Hope