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IMPORTANT! Attention Parents and Guardians


There is a glitch in the K12 Payment Center activity at this time, and we want to keep you informed about this important matter.

If a K12 Payment Center account has been inactive for more than 90 days, it may go into dormant status.

If an account is dormant, funds are still there—even though not visible to the user upon login.

Many accounts have a dormant status right now, due to students not being in school during the pandemic of 2020.

Once the first activity (or purchase) on a dormant account happens, the fund balance will “reactivate.” However, this may take even more time because cafeterias are not open for lunch or supplemental sales right now. (COVID-19 safety protocols)

We recognize this can be concerning to parents and guardians.

If you would like to request a report with your account balance(s), please contact in the Child Nutrition Department, or you may call the Child Nutrition Office at 919-245-4002.

Parents and guardians who still feel uneasy about this may even request a refund for the balance of the account, as we continue to navigate through the pandemic.