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Instructional Materials Selection Process

Orange County Schools’ instructional materials should always be representative of the rich diversity of our nation and appropriate for the maturity levels and abilities of students.

Orange County Schools’ Policy: 3200 Selection of Instructional Materials details the policy and procedure for selecting textbooks and supplementary materials to help fulfill the educational goals and objectives of the school system by providing instructional materials that will enrich and support the curriculum and enhance student learning. On October 14 and 15, three titles were pulled from circulation for an internal review due to potentially inappropriate content and to determine if the selection process as outlined in Policy 3200 was followed  regarding these three titles. 

  • One copy of Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe was added to circulation at Cedar Ridge High School on Febraury 4, 2021.  No one has checked out the book and it is currently missing.  If it is returned, it will not be added to the circulation as the book is currently under review for potentially inappropriate content.
  • One copy of Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison was added to circulation at Cedar Ridge High School on January 7, 2020.  It was checked out once and is currently checked out.  A second copy of Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison was added to circulation at Orange High School on November 7, 2019, was checked out once, and is currently out of circulation during an internal review for potentially inappropriate content.
  • Three copies of George by Alex Gino were in circulation at New Hope Elementary School. Copies of this book have been checked out by school personnel during an internal review for potentially inappropriate content.

If the internal review determines that the books do not meet the requirements of Policy 3200, they will not be returned to circulation. Orange County Schools will not remove books from circulation just because some may object to the viewpoint expressed in the book.  Our school system strives to provide our students access to literature that represents a diverse variety of viewpoints and includes representation of groups in our society that have been historically under-represented. Rather, the internal review process will focus on the educational standards in our policy and objective standards of age-appropriateness.

The OCS Board supports a parent's right to view educational materials used in the classroom and to challenge educational materials selected by the staff for use in the classrooms.  As noted in  Policy Code: 3210 Parental Inspection and Objection to Instructional Materials, parents or guardians of a student may challenge educational resources selected for school-wide use, such as resources in the media center, or may challenge a resource selected for their child's class. 

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Dr. Kathleen A. Dawson, Deputy Superintendent, at or (919) 732-8126. Thank you.