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OCS Afterschool programs receive over $2 million in federal funds

Our very own Orange County Schools Afterschool Department was recently awarded over 2 million dollars to support our current “5-Star Licensed” Afterschool Programs starting now and continuing well into 2023!

Governor Roy Cooper recently announced this historic, one-time federal $805 million investment in North Carolina’s early care and learning programs.

The North Carolina Child Care Stabilization Grants are made possible by funding from the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act. They are designed to support working families with access to high-quality, affordable child care.

These grants are going to help our learning programs with recruitment and retention, enabling them to provide better wages and benefits to teachers, and promoting equity for all.

The OCS Afterschool Department received an official email about the approval of its grant application on October 26. The first allotment was received November 16.