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High school robotics team advances to state competition!

Congratulations to the high school robotics team! With members from both Orange High and Cedar Ridge, these students worked TOGETHER to qualify for the FIRST NC State Championship competition for robotics! 

The state match is THIS WEEKEND at Campbell University. 

A regional meet was held just before spring break in Greensboro. There, Team 587, known as The Hedgehogs, battled it out from among 32 teams from across the state. They captured the “GM Industrial Design Award.” This (one) award “Celebrates the team that demonstrates industrial design principles, striking a balance between form, function, and aesthetics.”

Also at regionals, Team 587 won 6th place in the qualifying rounds; they were named the Alliance Captains of the 5th ranked alliance, and defeated the 4th ranked alliance in quarterfinals, but were defeated by the 1st ranked alliance in the semifinals. The first ranked alliance went on to win the competition.

Team 587 came out second in the scoring data from the Guilford County event. They ended up with the third highest autonomous and end game scores for the event, and the third highest teleoperated score for the event.

Since regionals, Team 587 has been very busy making adjustments and enhancements to their robot. Team members are aiming high and setting their sights on an opportunity to compete at the national and even world levels!


Here is a video of Team 587 in the 2nd Quarterfinal tiebreaker in Greensboro: