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Red Cross Club hosts successful blood drive

The Red Cross Club at Cedar Ridge high school held another successful blood drive May 6.

Thirty-nine units of blood were collected from among 47 donors. Fifteen of them were first-time donors! Way to give, Red Wolves!

The Red Cross Club at Cedar Ridge hosts two blood drives each year—one in December and the other in May.

School Nurse Jennifer Pepin said the school blood drives are intended to pique the interest of first-time donors, particularly from the student body, in the hopes of inspiring them to become lifelong donors.

She also reported that all 55 slots were full on the day of the drive.

She said, “Donation slots for blood drives at Cedar Ridge High School always fill up, between the students, staff and parents who want to participate. People want to help. Donating blood has become a popular option, since COVID, for people who are wanting to help others. Drives were not held during the pandemic. People know there is a critical blood shortage, and they are eager to help however they can.”

Ms. Pepin, along with EC Teacher Emily Hilliard are the club advisors. Having a Red Cross Club is important because it gives students an opportunity to learn about leadership and to be involved in a club that serves the school and Hillsborough community.

“Eighty percent of American Red Cross donations come from blood drives like ours,” said Pepin. “The American Red Cross also offers scholarship money to schools who host drives, and this year we earned a $500 scholarship for a senior member of the club!”