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Hillsborough Elementary hosts LEGO Blitz with Habitat for Humanity

In teams of four, the third, fourth, and fifth grades at Hillsborough Elementary used their best building skills in a LEGO® Blitz on Wednesday morning. This activity was a way to raise awareness of and show support for the local Habitat for Humanity. Principal Christine Kreider said it is also a great way to give students a break this time of year from the pressure of looming end-of-grade tests.

LEGO® teams had 40 minutes to use the beloved blocks to build a “home” with one window, two doors, and four walls. It was a race against the clock and a test of team Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication. Thomas Crowe-Allbritton from Orange Habitat for Humanity was also there to cheer on the teams and to share some important information that most people do not know:

“In Orange County, more than 40% of residents spend at least 35% of their income on housing alone—often foregoing payment of other bills, or even skipping meals to cover the cost of living,” said Crowe-Allbritton. “The average home in Orange County costs $450,000. That’s almost half of a million dollars!”

The Habitat for Humanity gives families the opportunity to buy a home at a zero per cent interest rate and at a monthly cost that is well below market rates.

Competitions and fundraisers like the one at Hillsborough Elementary are an important way to increase awareness and ensure homes continue to be built for families in need. Every home is built using only volunteer labor!

At the end of the 40-minute blitz, HES students’ structures were placed on display in front of the cafeteria. There, the entire school (students from every grade level) voted on their favorite LEGO® home models. In addition to class winners, the Habitat for Humanity team will present several superlative awards, which meet their criteria and standards for construction—as LEGOS® go. These special awards include which LEGO® home...

  • Best Exemplifies a Habitat House?
  • Is the Most Environmentally Friendly design?
  • Is the Most Creative design?
  • Has Best Curb Appeal, and
  • Has the Best House Name?

Winners will be announced on Friday morning on the Hillsborough Elementary School weekly newscast, which is broadcast to HES classrooms at various times of the day.

To find out more about Habitat for Humanity, go to