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New Chief Academic Officer joins the OCS leadership team

Dr. Denise C. Greene
Dr. Denise C. Greene

Dr. Denise C. Greene began her new role as Chief Academic Officer for Orange County Schools on June 1. She is a graduate of Winston-Salem State University with a BS in Intermediate Education, with a concentration in mathematics. She holds an MA in Educational Administration from Bowie State University and has earned an EdD in Educational Administration, with a focus in reading. 

Dr. Greene has been in education for thirty-seven years, in a variety of positions, including elementary and middle school teacher in both North Carolina and Maryland. She served as an Interdisciplinary Resource Teacher/Math Resource Teacher, an elementary principal, Director of School Support and Improvement, and as an Area Associate Superintendent in the Prince George’s County Public Schools, Maryland.

Dr. Greene is originally from Greensboro. The first job she ever held was serving as a school bus driver while in high school. She has a husband, Fred, and a step-daughter, Shannon. She enjoys boating, walking, reading, and traveling. But above all else, she loves learning new things the most. She is also a member of the National Parliamentarian Association.

“I have always wanted to be in jobs where I can stay connected with schools and to be involved with the people and the energy found there,” said Greene. “If we can’t see and support and influence what goes on there, then why are we here?”

Dr. Greene said in her new role, she is most looking forward to collaborating with Curriculum and Instruction and School Support (departments), and building the instructional capacity of school leaders.

“I have seen the influence principals have upon student performance,” she said. “Principals have a direct impact on student achievement, and I am looking forward to working with C&I to play a part in that work.”

Welcome aboard, Dr. Greene! We are looking forward to great things from your office.