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David Barrow of Orange High School, 2022 Exceptional Children ‘Teacher of Excellence’

David Barrow


David Barrow is the 2022 EC Teacher of Excellence for Orange County Schools. He will be invited to attend the annual NC Exceptional Children’s Conference in November where he will be recognized at an annual banquet to celebrate the EC Teachers of Excellence from across the state!


EC Director Mary Ellen Gollnick hands balloons to Mr. Barrow to congratulate him  Mr. Barrow pictured with the school administration team from OHS


Q&A with Mr. Barrow:


How long have you worked in Orange County Schools? At Orange High?

This is my fourth year working for Orange County Schools at Orange High School.


How many total years of experience in education?  

This is my 21st year as an educator.


What area(s) do you have on your license? 

My licensure is in Special Education K-12 General Curriculum.  I am also licensed to teach Health and Physical Education.  I am currently co-teaching English 3 and Math 3 general education inclusion classes.


Where are you from originally / Where do you reside now?  

I grew up in Chapel Hill and currently live in Durham.


What highlights can you share from your journey as an EC teacher?  

The absolute highlight of my teaching journey so far has been my time at Orange High School.  It was not until I began working at OHS that I discovered how much I enjoy working with high school students.  I had only taught in elementary and middle schools before my time here.  I never thought that working with high school students would be the right fit for me, but it definitely is.


What is your reaction to being named the 2022 EC Teacher of Excellence for OCS?  

I'm totally shocked.  I am grateful for the recognition, but at the same time, I feel that so many other EC teachers in our district are more deserving.


Is there any person / group of people who have helped you along the way that you want to acknowledge?  

I would like to acknowledge all of Orange High School's amazing administrators, counselors, and teachers.  I enjoy coming to work every day because of the dedicated and supportive team of people in our building.


Tell us about your family and hobbies.

I am married to a 2nd grade teacher (Durham Public Schools) and have two terrific kids, a 10th grade girl and an 8th grade boy.  I enjoy playing sports with my son and watching old movies with my daughter.


What is the BEST part about your job?  

The best part of my job is helping students discover their individual gifts and helping them see that they can and will be successful if they work to develop these gifts.


Just for fun, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? 

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl