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Questions about Tutors and Student Engagement

How will my student be grouped in the tutoring session?

Students will be in groups of up to four students based on their specific literacy needs that are determined by literacy assessment scores provided by OCS. Please email if you think the level seems to be considerably off.  


What actions do I need to take if my student misses a tutoring session?

If your student is going to miss a tutoring session, you do NOT need to let us know. The class will continue on as normal and your student will pick back up where they left off when they return.  


Will there be anything my student needs to make up if they miss a tutoring session?

With the BookNook app, students will not have to make up work to complete a level--they just need to complete a certain number of lessons to demonstrate skill attainment that will move them to higher levels.   

Students can login to BookNook and choose the “Read on my own” option in the top right hand corner to work on a session independently. 


My student’s tutor was not present when we tried to log on, what should I do?

We received your feedback via the recent BookNook survey that your family has not been able to connect with a tutor when your student logged into our system. Our goal is that your family's experience will be as close to perfection as possible and we are diligently making adjustments to ensure that happens.

If you had issues in the past with your tutor not being present, please log on again as we have put improvements in place to ensure tutors are able to login and connect with your student.

However, if for some unforeseen reason your tutor is not present within 10-15 minutes, you can log off and alert us at or call us at (800) 481-6804

Why is my student's tutor different today?

We make every effort for our tutors to be present consistently and engage in a strong learning relationship with your student. However, there are times when our tutors will have unforeseen events that require a highly trained substitute tutor to take their place. This is similar to what your student may experience during their regular school day.