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Questions about Devices and other Technical Issues

How will my student access the BookNook App?

Students will access BookNook through their Clever App on their OCS school issued device. Students should be familiar with how to access Clever. 


Who is my tutor and how will my student connect with them?

Tutors are certified teachers with many years of teaching experience. Students will connect with their tutors via the specific Zoom link they will see pop up in BookNook once the session starts. They just click “Join” when it pops up on their screen to enter the Zoom room with their tutor.


What technology devices can my student use to access BookNook?

Students are able to use laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks. At this time, the BookNook app is NOT accessible on mobile devices. 


Why is the session recorded?

Tutoring sessions are recorded for safety purposes and deleted after 6 months.