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Technology Support

Ongoing Technical Support 

Click HERE  for tips to prepare your child for video-chatting and online class meetings in order to be a respectful and engaged learning dolphin.


iPad login Instructions

Chromebook login Instructions


For all other technical questions, your teacher may be able to troubleshoot but if not, the district has established a COVID-19 tech support website to assist students and families with tech issues:


  • If a student cannot login to their Chromebook, they can use the reset tool.  If they cannot reset their main login password, they can call the COVID-19 Helpline at (919) 245-4014 for tech support.   If the number is busy, please email and provide your name, a callback number and a brief description of the issue or contact Ms. Jamie Turnage or Ms. Tracy Shopmyer at HES for assistance
  • If students are having issues with other digital resources, including passwords (e.g., Canvas, Google Classroom, NCID, DiscoveryEd, etc.), have students email their teachers who can reset the passwords or contact the COVID-19 Hotline at (919) 245-4014.   If the number is busy, please email and provide your name, a callback number and a brief description of the issue or contact Ms. Jamie Turnage at HES for assistance
  • For Internet, connection issues see: 

If this guide indicates the issue is with your Internet Service Provider, contact them for assistance.

  • If students/parents or teachers need assistance logging in with NCEdCloud (Rapid Identity) or Clever, please reach out to Ms. Jamie Turnage. 



Hotspot FAQ Provided by Orange County Schools


We are working very hard to connect all OCS families and students to the internet, especially during Plan C: Remote Learning.  The unfortunate reality is that there are areas in Orange County that are not equipped for cell or internet service.  This is an unfortunate reality for rural areas throughout the state and the country.  A solution to address this will require a significant investment by our government officials. We are working with our Board to advocate on behalf of our families.


After you review the information below, if you determine you live in an area where there is no cell service and a hotspot will not work, here are options to keep your child connected:

  • WiFi Locations in Orange County
    • These are locations where families can have access to free WIFI service. Families may drive to any OCS  middle or high school to download and/or upload assignments.
    • WiFi access is available in public spaces and parking lots outside of local businesses. A full list of these locations can be found here.
  • Flash Drives
    • Teachers will save school work on USB flash drives and get them to the students. The students can complete the assignments offline, save the work on the flash drive and then get it back to the teacher to have the assignments graded.  The schools will connect with families on how the students will receive the flash drives.  This could include picking up and dropping off the flash drive when picking up meals at the meal sites or driving by the school.
  • OCS Internet Hubs - Coming Soon
    • To help meet the WiFi access issues experienced by some OCS families, Orange County Schools will open Internet Hubs at schools throughout the county to provide WiFi access to students so that they can access digital content, download/upload assignments, and communicate with their teachers via email.


What is a WiFi hotspot?

A WiFi hotspot is a physical location that has been provided to give users the ability to use their devices away from home.  These physical locations can be at places like public libraries, coffee shops, restaurants and many other public locations.  Some WiFi hotspots are free while others do charge a fee.  Our secondary school parking lots (and soon elementary school parking lots) are free WiFi hotspots.


What is the hotspot that OCS provides?

Instead of a physical location, the hotspot provided by OCS provides students access to the internet at home.  It is a Verizon device that connects to the Verizon cell phone network.  If families do not have cell service at their homes, an OCS provided hotspot will not work.


What if I don’t have internet service at home?  Can I get an OCS hotspot?

First, it is important for you to determine why there is no internet service at your home.  There are several possibilities including:


  • There is no internet service OR cell service at my house.
    • In this case a hotspot will not No cell service means that there is no cell tower in the area for the hotspot to connect with in order for the device to work.


  • There is no internet service but there IS cell service in the area.
    • Since there is cell service, that means there is a cell tower in the area for the hotspot to connect to and therefore a hotspot will work. One hotspot per household will be provided.


  • There is internet service AND cell service, but service is unreliable or the internet speed is slow.
    • If your current cell service is poor, an OCS hotspot will not improve the quality of service. Therefore an OCS hotspot will not be provided at this time.


How can I improve the strength of my WiFi service at home?

  • Some families have shared that when they purchased a WiFi antenna, it helped strengthen their WiFi service at their home. This is something families may want to try, but there is no guarantee that this will work. 
  • If you do have a hotspot, you may want to try placing the device near a window and try windows in different parts of the house to see which location will provide the strongest signal.