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Drive Thru Drop Off / Pick Up Guidelines

Drive thru teacher goodbyes and material pick up/ drop off and schedule:  

Kindergarten - Monday, June 1st    8-10am

First Grade - Monday, June 1st    1-3pm

OPEN TIME - Monday, June 1st  4-6pm

Second Grade - Tuesday, June 2nd  8-10am

Third Grade - Tuesday, June 2nd 1-3pm

Fourth Grade - Wednesday, June 3rd,  8-10am

Fifth Grade Pick Up/ Drop off Graduation Parade - Thursday, June 4th    8-10am 



  • ALL grade levels will follow the K-2 car rider line format as we will have student materials outside of the  cafeteria.


When proceeding down Union Street (street in front of the cafeteria), the traffic pattern does not allow left-hand turns into the parking lot and drop off area in front of the cafeteria.  Right-hand turns only should be made into this drop off area with the campus on your right side.  Please continue around the block to facilitate a right hand turn onto campus if you come up the opposite side.  


  • Parents with sibling children:  your designated time is also for students to say goodbye to their teachers and only the teachers of that grade level will be available due to state guidelines reagrding number of people that can be together. You are welcome to come over multiple days or one day. We can return all materials for all siblings if that is better for your schedule.
  • Community Expectations
    • Wear a mask
    • Follow COVID-19 preventative practices
    • Please stay in your vehicle.  Items will be retrieved from and placed in trunks/back of vehicles by staff.
  • Before leaving home:
    • Write students’ first and last name in dark ink on a piece of paper to hang in their car window or on the dashboard. 
    • Place materials no longer needed to continue remote learning such as library books and classroom books in bags and have them in your trunk for easy curbside retrieval. 
    • If you are not returning to HES or an oOrange County school and have a laptop, that should be turned in at this time as well.  (All students remaining in Orange county schools will keep their laptops for the next grade)  
    • Please separate the items by type rather than bag them all together, i.e. computer in one bag, library books in another and student work/classroom books in another
    • Please come during your designated time as student specific materials will be available during these times.  
  • When arriving on campus:
    • Please stay inside your vehicle.
    • Watch for staff members directing traffic and asking you to stop or move forward.
    • Staff will notify you to open your trunk. 
    • Each student’s personal items will be bagged up and placed in trunks or the back of the vehicle by staff.  These personal items include any personal contents left in desks, cubbies, lockers and also include certificates earned and yearbooks.
    • Staff will remove district-owned items such as library books, classroom books, student work, and laptops etc. from your trunk, and check off these items on campus inventory list.
    • Once this is complete, the staff member will close your trunk or ask you to activate your trunk closing.
    • If you need to see the nurse to pick up medication, you will pull forward to the nurse’s station where medication and materials will be returned.
    • If you need to complete registration paperwork for a sibling, you will pull forward to the registration paperwork drop off area.
    • When the materials exchange is complete, a staff member will let you know you are finished and you are good to go!
  • When arriving at home:
    • Take additional precautions by unpacking student materials, disposing of the bag and washing your hands for at least 20 seconds.
    • Recommend letting items sit for 3 days prior to unpacking.

Please do not come to the school site if:

      • You  are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive for the disease: Fever, cough, shortness of breath, body aches
      • You have been in contact with someone who is being treated as if they have COVID-19, with or without positive test verification, within the last 14 days
      • You  are at high risk: Older, pregnant, or have a chronic health condition