Arab American Heritage Month (April)

Arab America Foundation: This site has historical information and resources for Arab American Heritage Month

Resources: This site has a variety of resources for teaching and learning about the Arab world.

A Day in the Life of an Arab Youth: This lesson plan helps young learners learn about young people living in various parts of the Arab world. Using interesting questions, this activity helps students learn about themselves and others. 

Map of the Arab world

Countering Islamophobia Lesson Plan (Grades 9-12): This upper-grades lesson plan features links to articles and images in addition to activities for countering and disrupting anti-Muslim racism and bias. Even if educators don't use the entire lesson plan, the articles within it are great reading material for discussions or reports.  

Achievements of Arab Americans: This site has short bios documenting the contributions of Arab Americans across a variety of fields.

Arab American Heritage Month Guiding Questions